Things 2 Live For

2-minute doses of positivity

About Things2LiveFor

Who are they?

Rick and Faith met years ago when they were working at the same radio station. Rick was a DJ and Faith a newscaster. They live in Houston and have been happily married since 2004. They have two wonderful children, Nica and Ringo.

How did this start?

Rick explains, “When I was first starting out as a DJ, a listener I was chatting online with seemed quite depressed. I tried my best to cheer him up and I think I was successful. Since then, I’ve thought about doing a segment or show for people who are stressed out and just struggling with their lives. When I left Media to explore a career in Special Ed, I put that idea on the back-burner. It was only after I facing depression myself and with some encouragement by Faith, that I finally decided to explore doing a podcast.”

What is their goal?

Rick says, “The world we live in is filled with negativity. It can really get to us, long before we realize it. So Faith and I want to spread positivity by showing people that they can find joy in even the smallest or simplest of things. That happiness can be infectious. If our show touches enough people, and they spread that positivity, we can all change the world for the better.”